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Making of diamond jewelry

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Idea and Sketching
Making of a diamond jewelry starts with a concept or a need. Normally, when a jeweler starts making jewelry for own stock he starts with a concept. He, in his mind, selects a type of jewelry such as ring, earring, pendant or bracelet and start with an idea about the design. He communicates his idea to a manual designer who sketches according to the idea to bring the concept on paper. The jeweler finalizes the sketch after modifications if required.

Computer-aided design (CAD)
A CAD designer then works with the given sketch and develops it using the CAD software. He puts all information required such as size, metal name and purity, stone names and their shape and size etc. The CAD software then processes all these inputs and with the help of this software a CAD designer finally comes with a CAD design.
Making of wax model and preform
A prototype or a wax model derives from that CAD design that is a 3D model of the desired jewelry.  One has to make a *sancha in order to get a preform in the desired metal. A filer files the preform to remove unwanted metal from the piece and a polisher polishes it after washing.
Setting of diamonds and gemstones
An assorter carefully handpick diamonds and other gemstones according to the specific requirement of the jewelry. He keeps, color, clarity, similarity, size etc, in mind while choosing gemstones for the particular jewelry.
The setter then sets the diamonds and other gemstones on the preform to get the product ready.
Quality checking of final product
A quality checker looks this product from various angles before finalizing the product. After clearance from the QC, the final product then sent for final polishing and rhodium plating. Final polish and rhodium enhances glitter of the metal and thus the jewelry piece.
Most of the times jewelers produce a certificate of genuineness for the precious metal, diamonds, and gemstones used in making the piece of jewelry. There are different reputed agencies and laboratories who provide a certificate for gold and precious metals ((Hallmarking). GIA, ICI etc are some reputed labs to provide certificates for diamonds and other gemstones.

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