Thursday, July 7, 2016

What are diamond necklaces and pendants?

Diamond Pendant- semi necklace from Amcor Design Newyork

14KT White Gold Classic Heart Shape Diamond Pendant 

Diamond Pendant- Princess cut from Amcor Design New York

14KT White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Three-Stone Pendant 

What are diamond necklaces and pendants? This is the question asked many times. A necklace is an ornament for the neck, normally for a woman. Necklace normally covers the whole neck or at least a major part of it. Whereas, a pendant is a smaller one in comparison to a necklace and normally hangs with the help of a chain or a string in the middle of the neck. Pendants are also called lockets.

People love to ornament his or her body and for that, they wear ornaments in different parts of the body. Jewelry is an expensive kind of ornaments and rich and aristocrats wear jewelry. When it comes to diamond jewelry its the most expensive and of course, the most aristocratic.

Diamond is the hardest material found in nature and it is the most glittering one. A shiny white diamond is the most beautiful and precious material in the earth. It is rare too. Only a small quantity of diamonds are found in the mines while comparing to any other minerals. Cutting and polishing of diamonds are also expensive and needs a lot of expertise. These make diamonds costliest material in the world.

Amcor Design, New York, designs, and manufacture diamond necklaces and pendants with high-quality diamonds. Their designs are trendy and suit to the latest fashion. Moreover, they use high-quality gold or platinum to set the expensive diamonds while manufacturing a necklace or pendant.  

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